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By beginning this process, you will be taking a major step towards making your collegiate, and ultimately your career, dreams come true. In addition, with each question answered you are moving closer to securing your invitation to participate in the Performers National Signing Day event in New York City.  Remember, you are competing against students just like you from all across America so you will want to be thorough in answering each question on your application.


Your performance video is of prime importance, and will, in fact, be the first audition component that the review panel will score. So, you will want to make sure that you are recording exactly what is outlined in Audition Requirements.  You are also encouraged to review Audition Tech Tips to make sure your video audition is at the standard that will give a positive reflection of your performance ability.


As you work through the process of completing your application and uploading an audition performance video, be diligent and committed to completing the process.  You are here because of your teacher’s strong belief in you and their recommendation.  Give it all you’ve got.

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Media Release


I hereby consent that National Presenters Association (NPA), (SA), any affiliates, its employees and its agents have the right to use the information I have supplied, as well as my audition files, biography and resume via my profile on, for the purposes of administering and promoting Performers National Signing Day. I hereby release to NPA and SA, its agents, and employees all rights to exhibit this work in print and electronic form publicly or privately. I hereby agree that any images or audio samples taken during Performers National Signing Day in which I appear may be used by the NPA and SA for promotion of future NPA and SA events, in print, broadcast media, or online.

I have read this release statement and agree to its terms.



The student applicant and a parent/legal guardian authorize that their submission of this form indicates approval of this application, payment of the non-refundable $170.00 application fee and acceptance of the National Presenters Association and Performers National Signing Day policies and terms & conditions. By submitting this application, the student and parent/legal guardian acknowledge that if invited (January 16-19, 2021, New York, NY) to perform at the event, the student’s cost to participate will be $260.00 (non-refundable and due immediately upon invitation of acceptance) which includes the student’s audition as well as a ticket to the official award and scholarship presentation at the legendary Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall. If invited to Performers National Signing Day the student agrees to be present from the start of their first scheduled event through the end of their last. Music students not completing all three sections of the audition (Performance Showcase, Sight-Reading, and the Music Theory Test) will be automatically disqualified from being considered by any of the participating colleges and universities for funding awards. 

Submission of this application serves as a commitment of the student’s planned attendance, upon acceptance of your participation in Performers National Signing Day. Prior to applying, be certain you have reserved the dates January 16-19, 2021, as well as necessary funds to cover travel, lodging, and meals, to accept an invitation should you receive one. Once you have applied, it is highly recommended that you begin preliminary/tentative planning for your attendance. 


Once this application is submitted the applicant will receive a confirmation email from the official online platform where the applicant will upload their application materials. As messages can sometimes be redirected as spam/junk, please be sure to check that folder in case it is not received in your inbox.


I have read the commitment to participate and agree to its terms.


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