How to Apply

Applicants who pass the screening audition will be notified that they are invited to the Performers National Signing Day event in New York City, January 16-19, 2021. If selected, the applicant will have two weeks to accept their invitation. If the acceptance is not completed within the two-week invitation window, we will assume the applicant has declined.

Applying to Performers National Signing Day is a three-step process.


Step One: Complete the Student Application found on this site and pay the registration fee.

Shortly after the Student Application is completed and the fee is paid, you will receive an email from (the official review and adjudication platform for Performers National Signing Day), where you will complete your Profile.


Step Two:  To complete your Profile, you will:

Be requested to list your extended performance repertoire, honors and awards in the Profile, as well as academic and performance history.


Be asked to enter email addresses for two required references; a third is optional. Each reference will receive a link to an online recommendation form. Please note that this email will be sent directly from Your references will have ten days to complete and submit their confidential recommendations.


Step Three:  Upload performance audition video.  Audition video requirements are outlined below for either Standard or Premier auditions.  While some colleges,  universities, and/or conservatories may require auditions to meet the Premier level for admission, applicants who meet Standard audition requirements will be considered for participation in Performers National Signing Day.