Attending Performers National Signing Day as a junior is a very smart, forward-thinking decision. College, university, and conservatory recruiters are scouting top-tier students as early as their sophomore year.  For those high school juniors who have participated in orchestra, band, or choral all-state ensembles, national honors ensembles, National Youth Orchestras, and National singing competitions, as well as any number of other prestigious competitions, Performers National Signing Day offers an opportunity to display their talents before the very people who may hold the key to their future college career.  Even though winning a spot in any of these ensembles is a great honor, it does not give the college recruiter the opportunity to meet or hear the student as a solo performer and since the solo performance is an essential aspect of the audition process, Performers National Signing Days gives recruiters the opportunity to meet and hear students individually perform. This also allows the recruiter to begin ranking students that could be just what they need to meet the future needs on their campus. 



Attending and performing at Performers National Signing Day allows the student and parent to meet and speak directly with recruiters. The Performers National Signing Day experience gives parents and students exposure to institutions and gives them a chance to make decisions about keeping institutions on their preferred list for the coming year. Attending as a high school junior also provides a great opportunity for a run through in preparation of the senior year application, audition, and acceptance process. 



Still another reason to attend is that non-institutional scholarship donors will be present to review potential scholars. The funds available through non-institutional scholarship donors historically far outweigh the institutional scholarships. The deadlines for the majority of these non-institutional scholarships are in the spring or early fall. Students will have the opportunity to learn about these non-institutional scholarships and grants and participate in the audition process. There will be scholarships and grants awarded at Performers National Signing Day, meaning students and parents could go into the senior year with committed funds in the bank, which could make a huge difference in the institutions being considered.


Finally, there will be a number of representatives from top-tier camps and summer festivals present and attending auditions for potential attendees on their campuses.  Many of these camps and festivals will be offering scholarships and grants for the coming summer. Summer camps and festivals are top recruiting opportunities for the top-tier institutions of higher learning.

The criteria for judging are:

  • First and foremost, the level of difficulty of the compositions chosen and the ability to perform those compositions both technically and musically. The adjudicator will be specifically grading in the following areas: 

Correctness: of notes

Rhythm: Accurate reading of note values, including accents

Tempo: Appropriate for overall expression of the piece

Dynamics: Observes composer’s dynamic markings

Articulation: Touch and pedaling

Phrasing: Shape of melodic line

Balance: Melody and accompaniment

Interpretation:  Appropriate style and projection of mood or feeling

Presentation: Stage presence and composure

Memorization: Overall accuracy

Overall Impression:  General overall impression

We strongly encourage all applicants to submit their application materials as soon as possible since there are a limited number of invitations for each performance area.

Within a week of the third-round invitations being accepted, there will be an announcement of all participating students. There will not be a formal listing of participating students following each round.

Yes, any multi-movement work can be a substitute as the general characteristic of a multi-movement work is contrasting of tempo, style, and expression.

No, there will be no extra points given for etudes and excerpts for the video audition, but it may be a considered addition for the live event in New York City. Each applicant is reviewed based on the prescribed audition requirements. Because of this we ask that you only supply the audition materials as detailed on the requirements page.

Absolutely. If you are not selected during the current review round, you may update your performance materials via the ScholarshipAuditions.com platform so that you can be more positively evaluated for the next round. However, regardless of whether or not you update your profile, you will be eligible through all three phases of review.

Dress for performance. An evening gown and tux are not necessary, but ripped jeans, ball caps and tank-tops are not professional. It is suggested that young ladies wear a dress, or slacks and a top. Black is the color of preference. Young men should consider wearing a suit with or without tie, solid trousers, and solid shirt/sweater. Again black is the color of preference.

No. Your registration fee is only paid once, at submission of your initial application to Performers National Signing Day.

While memorization surely display skill and artistry, it is not required.

Audition requirements can be found under the Participation tab and on the page entitled Audition Requirements. On the Auditions Requirements page you will find links by style, instrument, or discipline. On those pages you will find a designation for Standard Audition and Premier Audition. In the Premier Audition specific repertoire will be suggestions. The Standard Audition will list contrasting solos. It is suggested that auditionees review the repertoire suggestion of the college or university they are most interested in attending. 

The auditionees should also consider reviewing the Repertoire Directory published in ScholarshipAuditions.com to view all repertoire appropriate for 10th through 12th grade. Also, ask your high school teacher and/or private instructor for their recommendations.

Yes, you may bring your own accompanist, but they will be responsible for all associated costs.

We strongly recommend that you rehearse at least once with your accompanist prior to your audition showcase. This will need to be arranged between you and your accompanist and done at one of the many rehearsal studios in New York City. 

While we will not have individual rehearsal space available, there will be a group warm-up room. New York is filled with rehearsal studios that can be rented for a modest price.

There will be a group warm-up room at the audition site. Warm-up rooms will be open daily from 7:00AM – 9:00PM.

While we cannot guarantee a number of recruiters at any individual showcase, we anticipate over 150 colleges and universities will be in attendance.

Memorization is not required. However, invitees to the National Concerto Competition or Aria Vocal Competition must perform their repertoire from memory.

For instrumentalists and vocalists all accompaniment must be performed by a pianist. Dancers will use a recording (provided by the invitee).

We do not provide harps so you must rent or bring the instrument.

The following percussion instruments will be provided for your audition:

    • Xylophone
    • 4.5 octave marimba
    • Timpani (20, 23, 26, 29, 32)
    • Concert snare drum w/stand

We will not have sticks or mallets available, so please be sure to bring a complete mallet bag. You may also bring your own concert snare drum if you wish and use the stand provided in the room.

No, all invitees must attend Performers National Signing Day with at least one parent/legal guardian.

Yes! If you already have schools that you have been in direct contact with prior to Performers National Signing Day, you may certainly invite them to your audition showcase.

Yes, but they must have an official Performers National Signing Day credential. This can be purchased via the registration website.

The schools that are interested in hearing you perform are expecting to hear the audition materials as prescribed on the audition page. Therefore, please perform only that repertoire during your showcase.

You are in no way obligated to accept any offer from any school in attendance.

Yes, there will be an instrument repair technician on site to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

As the only national audition for performing arts high school students, Performers National Signing Day anticipates that over 150 institutions of higher education teaching and learning will attend.

Participants adhere to a business casual/formal dress code which will enhance the world-class atmosphere of Performers National Signing Day. No jeans or shorts are to be worn during the weekend activities. In addition, attendees are asked to dress in semi-formal or formal attire (jackets for boys) for Tuesday’s event at Carnegie Hall.

Yes. Submission of your application serves as a commitment of your planned attendance, upon acceptance of your participation in Performers National Signing Day. Prior to applying, be certain you have reserved the dates January 16-19, 2021, as well as necessary funds to cover the participation fee, travel, lodging, and meals, to accept an invitation should you receive one. 

Once you have applied, it is highly recommended that you begin preliminary/tentative planning for your attendance. Numerous hours will go into the organization of your trip, so we encourage you to start this process as soon as possible. 

Performers National Signing Day will provide instruments specific to certain performance areas: 

Grand piano (for piano showcase students)



Bass & Guitar amps

Upright piano (in each showcase room for accompanist)

For percussion students:

– Xylophone

– 4.5 octave marimba

– Timpani (20, 23, 26, 29, 32)

– Snare Drum w/stand


Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the students to secure equipment for rehearsals and performances beyond that supplied by Performers National Signing Day.

There are no refunds for either the application or invitation fees for Performers National Signing Day.

We encourage you to budget for meals and any sightseeing and/or shows you may want to attend while in New York City. Please visit the Cost page to see an estimate of costs associated with Performers National Signing Day.

Yes, your schedule will allow time for you to explore this great city.

No problem! Our official hotel room blocks do not begin accepting special rate reservations until Friday, January 15th but you certainly are welcome to come earlier.

We encourage you to book your room reservation at one of our exclusive partner hotels that focuses on your convenience and allows you to be prepared to perform at your best. Students should consider arriving in New York City on Friday evening to ensure sufficient time for the check-in process and to be ready for their audition on Saturday (if applicable).  Hotel rooms are not guaranteed to be available until after 3 p.m. the day of your arrival. Luggage storage will be provided upon arrival. Following the completion of your performance showcase, sight-reading, and music aptitude test, we encourage you to stay and attend events in the vast exhibit hall as well as collegiate music performances and masterclasses taking place on Sunday and Monday. The culmination of Performers National Signing Day is on Tuesday afternoon, January 19th at Carnegie Hall. While attendance is not required, this will be an incredibly special and star-studded event recognizing students and featuring world-class professional musicians.

The cost to participate is $225 (non-refundable and due immediately upon invitation of acceptance), which includes all three portions of your audition (showcase, sight-reading, and music aptitude test). Other costs (not paid to us) include accompanist (we will provide a list of approved professionals), rehearsal studio space with accompanist, travel, housing, meals, and any sightseeing and/or events.

Ground transportation is the responsibility of each participating individual. We recommend using a ride share service or public transportation. New York City has the finest mass transit system in the country, which makes getting anywhere in the city incredibly easy.