Audition Requirements

Applying to Performers National Signing Day is a three-step process. 


Step One: Complete the Student Application found on this site and pay the registration fee. 

Shortly after the Student Application is completed and the fee is paid, you will receive an email from (the official review and adjudication platform for Performers National Signing Day), where you will complete your Profile.

Step Two:  To complete your Profile, you will:

Step Three:  Upload performance audition video.  Audition video requirements are outlined below for either Standard or Premier auditions.  While some colleges,  universities, and/or conservatories may require auditions to meet the Premier level for admission, Applicants who meet Standard audition requirements will be considered for participation in Performers National Signing Day. 

Application Auditions Requirements

Applicants to Performers National Signing Day will be adjudicated by world-class teacher/performers from around the country, ensuring that the nation’s finest high school student performers earn a spot to be featured in New York City.  Hundreds of colleges and universities will come to witness their performance prowess.


Performers National Signing Day is the signature audition and scholarship experience in the country and the only gathering of its kind.  Because of this, the application requirements are both detailed and specific, consisting of two videos (addressing three areas) as well as recommendations:


Video 1:

Applicant Introduction


Required Musical Selections


Video 2:

Video Essay


Two References


*Applicant must submit unedited video recordings to meet the requirements.


Standard vs. Premier Audition

Applicants have the option to choose from two different audition types:  STANDARD or PREMIER.  Both audition types will provide Performers National Signing Day invitees the same unparalleled access to colleges and universities, as well as scholarship opportunities.  Additionally, the overall application requirements of two required videos and two references are the same.  The specific differences between Standard and Premier audition types are in the repertoire and video essay questions.


How are the repertoire requirements different between Standard and Premier?

While both audition types require the highest levels of performance excellence, the Premier path details repertoire titles that the applicant must include on their video submission.  Depending on the performance area, some applicants must also include excerpts (two) from standard orchestral and/or wind band repertoire specific to their instrument.  Premier requirements are designed to address the unique audition application requirements found at many of the top-tier higher education performing arts schools around the country.


Specific information regarding audition requirements can be found by locating the area and then selecting from either the Standard or Premier format.

Please choose from the Categories below, then choose your instrument or medium and you will be directed to the  appropriate page of requirements.