Any United States-based or U.S. Military dependent living abroad performing fine arts student between the ages of 15 to 19 is eligible to enter the process for selection to participate in the 2021 Performers National Signing Day. These students are anticipating a high school graduation date of 2021 or 2022. Eligibility is open to students enrolled in a public school, private school, a fine arts academy, or are homeschooled.

Benchmarks for strong consideration for selection are:

At least two years of voice or instrumental training


Strong performance-ready solo repertoire or original compositions or songs that mirror general collegiate audition requirements

Stronger consideration will be given to students who have:

Participated and placed in an All-State and/or Regional/District ensembles


Participated and placed in a solo-based festival or competition


Participated and placed in a local youth orchestra, band, chorus outside of the high school offerings, and/or community musical theater (examples: Metro Youth Symphony or the Greater Atlanta Youth Chorale)


•     Participated in a summer music camp and/or related experience

•     Basic knowledge of music theory