America’s Signature
Audition & Scholarship

This multi-day, invitation-only
event provides junior and senior
high school performers the
opportunity to showcase their
talents in front of hundreds of
higher education faculty, giving
them the opportunity to review,
accept, and offer scholarship
opportunities directly to students.


The selection process
will be rigorous,
but the rewards
will prove life-changing.

from this prestigious event
will abound in the awarding
of institutional as well as
non-institutional scholarships.
And a major cost saving for
student's exposure to hundreds
of collegiate possibilities.

Collegiate Recruiting


The ultimate event
for collegiate performing
fine arts recruiters.

Evaluate a significant number
of prospective students in one location.
All participants are pre-screened before
selection. Recruiters can follow and
communicate with participants online
before the event and will have
personal interaction at the event.



Performers National Signing Day
will culminate in a
star-studded performance in
Stern Auditorium at
Carnegie Hall.

Announcement of potential
collegiate acceptance and the
awarding of scholarships
will happen here.


Performers National Signing Day promises to change the perception of how America looks at high school musicians and dancers. It is time that these students, their teachers, and their school districts be recognized for the talent and achievements of these students as well as the outstanding teaching and support provided by the community of American music and dance educators.


Performers National Signing Day is an exciting, life-changing event, for high school juniors and seniors representing the top two percent of America’s student musicians and dancers be to held in New York City, January 16-19, 2021. For three days, these select students will showcase their solo performance abilities before hundreds of participating colleges, universities, and conservatories.


Performers National Signing Day will be for invited high school junior and senior performing arts students, higher education faculty/recruiters, and non-institutional scholarship donors, as well as parents, friends, renowned performing arts educators, administrators, and enthusiasts to professional performers. While offering the only nation-wide audition and scholarship experience, Performers National Signing Day allows those students seeking admission to colleges, universities and/or conservatories the opportunity to showcase their talents in one place, which eliminates the need to travel to multiple institutions to audition, saving both time and money.


Performers National Signing Day is ideal for: 

  • High School Performing Students
  • College, University, and Conservatory Faculty & Administrators 
  • Military Music Programs
  • Music and Dance Industry Representatives 
  • Broadway Agents, Directors, and Producers
  • Composers, Arrangers, and Choreographers 


Performers National Signing Day seeks to help high school performing arts students advance into the next level of their dream to pursue a degree in music, dance, or musical theater.

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